Designed and made with care

Thoughts And Objects is a collaborative platform between designers and manufacturers that gives rise to small, exclusive series of high-quality sustainable objects designed for connoisseurs and lovers of beautiful and skillfully made things.

Each collection, designed under a specific theme, is the result of collaboration with experts, enthusiasts and passionate manufacturers.

T+O is an initiative of RICOSTUDIO, a Montreal-based industrial design studio.

our process

Make less stuff, but better.⁠

" The project started with the realization that I was part of the problem. The system that brings tons of mass produced, low-quality products to masses of consumers is an environmental catastrophe. It’s outdated and I thought there must be a better way. Early on, we put all our efforts in the creation of an ecosystem of designers, makers, and experts to provide thoughtful, long lasting everyday objects of the highest quality, ethically made with care for the benefit of a few people who will find delight in every single details. "⁠

Eric, Founder of T+O